About Us

The meaning of the company name

In medical science, ‘Corpus Statera’ means nothing less than ‘Body in balance’.

In accounting, the debit side must be in balance with the credit side, which is what we call balance sheet.

So our company name is actually a BALANCE SHEET.

Statera Financiële Dienstverlening is there to be the balance in the tax and financial policy for you.

Our way of working

Being a smaller company has its advantages!

Statera-FD is a flat organization with short lines of communication and the ability to act quickly.

What distinguishes Statera-FD from the major service providers is:

  • Our personal approach.
  • Our prices.
  • The flexibility in our way of working.
  • We can choose our own partners.

At Statera-FD, we always strive to establish a very close working relationship with our customers. This approach works best and this is how we achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

For Statera-FD, personal contact is the most important basis for the working relationship.

That is why we invest time in building and maintaining good relationships. We prefer to make an appointment with our customers, instead of doing everything by e-mail or telephone.

Our customers often tell us what they think of the way Statera-FD works and how we are different from other service providers.

Some examples of their feedback:

  • Statera-FD is proactive.
  • Statera-FD provides high-quality service.
  • Statera-FD is very fast.
  • Statera-FD really listens to the client.
  • Since we started working with Statera-FD, for the first time, we feel that we have a partner and not just a service provider.

At Statera-FD, we invest time in establishing and maintaining a close working relationship with you in order to work with you as your partner rather than as your financial services provider.

We understand your challenges and try to work out how we can support you in the best possible way.